Mailer Design


Garden Solutions



Taking direct mail to a bolder and more interesting heights.

An hexagonal shape that folds out into six “petals” that reveal the images of the six varieties of the Hot Cakes brand. The underside uses the space to present the brand’s features.

The interactivity of the mailer folding in and out is playful and memorable.

Using bold colors that correspond to the colors of the blooms makes the whole thing come together.

Very little typography gives way to a visually strong mailers.

Front and back

Every inch of this mailer is used to showcase information that’s relevant, though not necessarily using words but mainly images.

A play of geometry

Hexagonal shape is unusual and that’s part of its beauty. It makes it memorable.

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Form and content

The mailer is not only beautiful and unique but it also has plenty of information to help customers understand the plant’s features.