Logo Design


East Jordan Plastics


Brand logo design

New product with a logo that's evocative of the name

The name of this brand new injected plastic pot, “Stadium” comes from the way it stacks up in a staggered rows. The pot comes in many colors but the logo needed to be consistent and fun.

The logo is a stylized version of stadium game day complete with flags and ready for the industry champions. With strong, bold colors the logo stands out and helps it differentiate from the competition. 

The retro vibe of the logo is intentional and contributes to the sports feel.

Three colors

Since the logo is printed in only three colors due to press requirements, the color choices had to be carefully considered to make the logo reference the association to plants and also an accent color to make it stand out.

Different uses

The logo could be used in many ways, as tags, labels and any other future applications.