Mailer Design


Garden Solutions



A square shaped mailer that thinks outside the box.

This direct mailer is bold and colorful. At 8.5″ square it’s also an usual shape for a mailer.

With several images and a burst of gold on the front of it, it’s strong use of the images to highlight the features of this award winning variety.

The mailer gives a lot of information not just in words but also in images bringing home the message of the beauty and uniqueness of the plants.

There are a few call to actions thought out the it to bring awareness of the features of the plants and what a customer could expect of these plants.

Dripping gold

This mailer has plenty of gold happening, but the most fun part is the starburst on the front. This burst serves as a background to the variety name Gold Nugget and the brand. but doesn’t take away from the images and in fact reinforces the shape of characteristics of the plant.

The chick

Included next to the variety name is the little mascot that identifies the Chick Charm® brand, a cute and clever approach the logo.

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