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A new approach to selling a product

The LawnCentral site is intending to become a destination site for all things backyard.

It not only gives advice in how to plan, install and painting a lawn as many websites already give similar advice but its main purpose is to highlight the enjoyment of the lawn.

Featuring games that are centered on being played on the lawn, such as oversized Twister board or giant domino tiles.

The site aims to update weekly with new ideas on drinks, food, games and gadgets that in turn will be uploaded to its social media channels to keep people coming back regularly.

A contemporary approach

The look of the site is clean and contemporary with simple and easy to read typographies and a color palette the compliments the content.

An information hub

The site is an information hub for the background of all backyard memories: the lawn. But not just the hard part of maintaining it, but the fun possibilities that happen when there’s a green lawn.

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