Cut Sheets


Harmony Outdoor Brands


Installation Kit

A welcome kit for customers purchasing a new sod

Using a standard 8.5″ x 11″ format, these sheets are easy and inexpensive to print. They accompany a new sod delivery to help customers understand their grass variety and guidelines on how to painting it throughout the year.

Additionally the kit contained how to plan and install the new sod. Not everyone would do that but it explains how it can be done.

With a few icons and strong information the kit helps people navigate the task of maintaining a new lawn trying to be as conversational and user friendly as possible .

Seven varieties

Each variety has unique needs and customers received a kit that was unique to the variety purchased. The customers will have access to information that will help them succeed in maintaining a new lawn.

Simple and easy to naviagte

The design is simple and doesn’t try to be ornamental but useful, a guide to help customers navigate the sometimes daunting task of maintaining a brand new lawn.