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This mailer makes a statement with its colorful delivery

Feathered Friends™ is a new brand from Garden Solutions that features ajugas with colorful leaves and contrasting flowers. The goal of the mailer is to announce the launch of the brand, showing off the 7 varieties with plenty of images and color. 

This is a lette-size,  double sided mailer where not an inch of real estate is wasterd.

Showing 7 photos, one per variety, plus background images to add texture, the mailer gives a sneak peek at what growers can expect of the plants. The mailer is saturated with color and guarantees grabbing people’s attention.

At the bottom of each page a band clearly describes where to go to find out more about it while also contenting the the tags to the product logo at the top. The mascot reinforces the brand identity.

Colorful feathers

The feather-like qualities of the plants are reflected through the mailer to reinforce the idea of the brand.

Bold approach

Not an inch of the letter-size mailer is wasted, there’s plenty of color,  images and all the information needed.

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